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It was not by accident that Karen Morris authored this book. A Professor of Law, she loves talking about the subject. While many people find law vague, dense, and frustrating, her view is that law is contemporary, fun and enlightening. She is always on the look-out for avenues to convince others of her view and facilitate the learning process.

Karen met Bradley Carroll at a Harry Potter conference in Las Vegas in 2006, at which time she was just beginning to write the book. At the convention she conducted a jeopardy-like game using the Harry Potter storylines as a means to teach about law. She would recite a rule of law, and award chocolate frogs to those in the audience who could identify the vignette in J.K. Rowling's series implicated thereby. Brad, a lawyer in attendance at the conference who came to Karen's presentation, was excited by the connection of law to Harry's adventures. Brad introduced himself to Karen and asked if he could be part of the writing enterprise. And so the collaboration began.

On and off over the next five years they poured a lot of love and sweat into this project. Brad is the Harry Potter afficionado having read the series no less than twenty times. Karen wrote most of the law sections. In this way they are a perfect match.

Their fondest hope is that they have debunked the law for their readers who will come to embrace the discipline for the critical role it plays in our society - protecting our rights, resolving disputes and providing order where chaos would otherwise reign. So grab your robes and wands, literally or figuratively, and let Karen and Brad make law fun for you via their book, Law Made Fun Through Harry Potter's Adventures.

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